Namaira School, Uganda

Transformed community school established in 2011

Rianna’s Fund has helped by funding 3 classrooms blocks which is a total of 12 Classrooms! 

We first visited Namaira which is North of the Town of Jinja in Uganda in 2011. Namaira School was first established by the local community. With no other schools in the area children walked at least 4km each way to the nearest school – a demanding commitment for children just 5 and 6 years of age. Visiting the school we could see the positive impact the school was having on the local community. Numbers of children enrolled in school were steadily increasing and it was clear that this school had great potential to serve the local community.

Thankfully with the support of fundraising events we were able to provide funding to initially provide the children with four brick classrooms fitted with desks and chairs, replacing the existing wooden shelter. Since then the project has continued to increase in size and capacity and has now a total of 12 classrooms with qualified teaching staff. The school has grown to 282 children and with continuing strong support from the community the school plans further expansion in the future to accommodate more pupils. Namaira is is also a top performing school in the district. In the future Namaria is hoping Compassion will sponsor children to go to the school and they would like to have a play area for the children. 


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