Nakulabye Junior School, Kampala, Uganda

The first primary school Rianna's Fund became involved with in 2008.

The conditions of the previous school were very poor with as many as 90 to 100 children squashed into dilapidated shed type classrooms. Seeing the potential that a new, properly constructed school would make we were delighted to partner with the school and help provide a new school for the local community.

Nakulabye Junior School opened in March 2008. Rianna’s Fund was a main sponsor of the new school buildings which included a junior school and nursery to accommodate over 600 chidlren from the local community.

 We first visited Nakulabye in 2006 and met with the Head Teacher Moses who is still head at the school today. The previous school was in very poor condition and the site was rented. Project partner David Kabiswa from ACET Uganda advised that the school with the help of ACET had been able to purchase some land nearby that they wanted to build a new school for the children. Visiting the new site we could see instantly the appeal and wanted to help support the school and it's vision.

A project board oversaw the building work working closely with the school board and community. The new site is six times bigger than the previous school and now has 12 classrooms and a separate block for a kitchen and hall.

Since supporting the school we have remained in contact and look forward to visiting the school which has developed into a wonderful learning environment for the children. We were pleased to learn recently that since the school was built the area is more prosperous and the local community have seen a drop in crime and increased work opportunities.

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