Mbale School Uganda

Low literacy and a challenging environment created a poor educational environment

During our visit in March 2016 we could see the struggles the community faced and the need to establish a primary school built on pastoral care and support.

New classrooms built in Mbale

Rianna's Fund Charity Bike Ride helps fund new classrooms

Mbale School is in a very poor rural area of Uganda and sits in the foothills of Mount Elgon. When we first visited the school in March 2016 we were particularly struck by the challeges the local community faced. Despite this 134 children were attending school using a temporary mud and wattle classroom block with 6 teaching staff. The school accommodated children from Nursery to Primary 3.

Education is the biggest need in this community and unfortunately is one of the  worst academically performing areas in the district due to its rural nature. Low literacy levels and fewer schools mean children are most at risk of not completing primary education. Health awareness and a need to empower young people through skills development especially for girls is yet another challenge in this community. During our visit in March 2015 we could see the struggle the community faced and the need to establish a primary school built on pastoral care and support for the community, as well as a high standard of teaching to deliver quality education.

Helping the community achieve their goal, Rianna’s Fund committed to fund eight classrooms expanding the school to accommodate additional children. We are delighted to annouce the two classrooms blocks and latrines are finished and the number of pupils has increased to 310 including 50 orphaned children.  

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