Kigarama Primary School, Rwanda

Rianna's Fund assisted with 5 new classrooms

With overcrowding an issue, Rianna's Fund has helped reduce class sizes from 70 to approximately 38 pupils per class.

The school recently came 2nd out of the 5 schools in the Sector

We first visited Rwanda in March 2013. Rwanda is an extraordinary country, experiencing the horrors of genocide in 1994 when over 800,000 lives were killed in a conflict between two tribes. The country has had to rebuild itself economically, politically and socially. Rwanda has made incredible progress with stability and economic growth. Between 2000 and 2010 Rwanda was one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It’s performance in education has been particularly impressive. Education is a key part of the Governments strategy for development however it is heavily reliant of international aid.  
We visited Rwanda to understand if Rianna’s Fund could make a significant contribution to educating children in Rwanda and after seeing the Kigarama School we wanted to get involved. We could see the issue with overcrowding with 70 pupils in each class and committed to funding five new classrooms. We’re pleased to say the additional classrooms have greatly helped congestion. The school now has a total of 13 classrooms with an average 38 children per class which has helped relieve pressure. The school has a total number of 1000 pupils and recently came 2nd out of the 5 schools in the Sector. The school plans to have a Pre-School to teach younger children under six and would like a playground withgames facilities.

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