Hope Hill School, Uganda

Community Primary and Nursery School

Since partnering with Hope Hill, Rianna's Fund has been able to help develop the school by funding 8 additional classrooms and latrines. 

Set up a school to empower girls in the community

Nearest school 5m away

Hope Hill School was first established by ​Phiona Mugerwa called Project Princess in 2013. The school is located in Nattita Sub County in Kalungu District. ​In the beginning Phiona wanted to empower young girls in her ancestral village. Many girls were dropping out of school at alarming rates and as an educationist and social worker Fiona wanted to put in place a space for mothers to gather to discuss issues they faced. Many of the mothers had young children so Phiona offered a small block classroom where the children could be taught to read and write while the mothers continued to meet and discuss various subjects including health and education. This was the start of the community's request for a permanent school. Within a short time a new nursery school was establised and soon over 100 local chidren enrolled.

Since visiting Hope Hill, Rianna's Fund has been able to help develop the school funding 8 additional classrooms. The new classrooms will asist the school in achieveing their mission to provide primary education to P 7 for over 500 local children. Currently the school has 313 pupils and 9 qualified teaching staff. 

In the future Hope Hill would like to increase pupils to 500 and have a bore hole at the school, currently children have a two mile walk to fetch water. 


Hope Hill School Uganda Hope Hill School classroom

The initial aim was to teach the basics to the youngest children before they went to school further afield but as demand grew the school soon filled up with children receiving locally a good education. Before Rianna's Fund partnered with Hope Hill it had one brick building with 3 classes, and a mud shelter for kindergarten. The structures were not adequate or very secure particularly as the site is on top of a hill and faces high winds. Despite this the school grew to 120 children in pre, middle, and top, and with primary 1 and 2 having an equal gender split of girls and boys. The school has been able to attract some excellent staff including Head Teacher and 3 other teachers. Rianna’s Fund are delighted to be partnering with Hope Hill and helping the school develop funding a classroom block of four so they can take more local children and expand to Primary years 3 to 5. They have hopes to go all the way to Primary 7.  We look forward to seeing Hope Hill School develop and hearing how the School and children are progressing.

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