Covenant Community School, Uganda

Pre-School and Primary School in Uganda

Covenant School began with just 10 children, based on its motto 'Building a Generation of Hope' the school was founded in 2008 and now educates 345 pupils.

Covenant Community School is in a village called Bupadhengo in Kamuli district of East Uganda. Covenant School is a really inspiring community-based project. During our first visit we were introduced to Molly and her husband Jonathon who set up the school to serve the community. A large number of children are orphaned or semi-orphaned due to HIV/Aids.

The school has grown in numbers to 345, and has 16 qualified teaching staff

With no other schools in the area Molly with her teaching background decided the best way to bring about positive and lasting change was to educate the local children. The school began with 10 children and based on its motto 'Building a Generation of Hope' the school was founded in 2008 with the full support of the local community.

With the support of the community the school grew in size. Unfortunately the school had very few resources and the wooden structures offered little protection from the elements such as extreme heat, monsoon rain and mud floors. 


Thanks to a Fundraising Appeal we were able to give the go ahead to fund four new classrooms with concrete foundations, brick walls, glass windows and metal doors, providing a clean and dry learning environment. The school has grown in numbers to 334 and aims to reach 350-400 children.

Covenant School has also benefited from additional support to provide teacher housing to gain qualified teachers and further classrooms completeing the school to 12 classrooms, 3 dormortories and an office. 


Thanks to East African Play Charity Covenant now has a great play area too :) See more images of Covenant Community School, Uganda