Buvuma Island School, Uganda

Building and sponsorship

Rianna’s Fund funded the building of two school dormitories, latrines and four brick classrooms at Buvuma

Buvuma Island School, Eastern Uganda

There are plans to develop extra curriculum activities to include music, dance and drama and sports.

Rianna’s Fund first visited Buvuma Island in 2010. The island is a fishing community and can only be reached by a boat journey that takes around 90 minutes from the mainland. Once there the school is a short walk through the bush and along the only mud road that runs around the island. In 2008 there was no school facility on the islands, and when the school was set up in a temporary structure. Historically there has been little demand on the island for schooling as the local community earnt very little from fishing however change in laws and high incidence of HIV has increased demand for formal education.

Since visiting the remote Island school Rianna's Fund has been able to fund the construction of a girl and boys’ dormitory, a three classroom block and provided sanitation with a block of latrines. The school has now over 240 pupils of which 60 board at the school. The school has 10 teaching staff and recently acquired a colourful mini bus to collect preschool children from the community, saving them the arduous walk to and from school. Buvuma School is a primary School with a nursery school. Due to the poor area Rianna’s Fund helps some of the poorest children access the school by sponsoring 50 children. Buvuma School has plans to increase numbers of children to 500 by 2017 and to develop extra curriculum activities to include music, dance and drama and sports.

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