Way True Life Children’s Home, India

Kalyan, Mumbai

Safety and an education afforded to the street children of Mumbai with help from Rianna's Fund

Providing care and education to vulnerable young lives

Rianna's Fund first partnered with Way True Life organisation in December 2012. Raju Ram and his wife Shilpa were working with vulnerable young children in the Kalayan district, on the outskirts of Mumbai. Both had experience in Social Work and a desire to help some of the city's most vulnerable children. They set about opening a Children's Home.   

Kalyan is a desperately poor area on the outskirts of Mumbai City. There are many children living rough on the streets or arrive at the railway station hoping to find a better life. Sadly the very opposite is true, danger surrounds them as people traffickers and abusers are at large. Where possible, children are reconciled with their families, but for some children this is not an option.  Raju and Shilpa have shared how each child that has come to the home has a desperate story to tell.  Now living away from abuse and the streets the children feel part of a big family and excited about what the future may hold.  

Supporting Children’s Homes is a financial commitment but one we think is invaluable. The children who will live at the home are from very deprived backgrounds. The home offers them a safe place to live and grow as a family as well as access to a good level of education. Thank you to everyone who has generously supported Rianna’s Fund and making it possible to support children’s homes.

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