Rianna's Fund supporting Rianna's Furaha Children's Home, Kenya

Yala, Kenya

Furaha Children's Home was the first home and project sponsored by Rianna's Fund in 2006 when it opened its doors to 42 children

Caring for children since 2006

Rianna’s Furaha Children’s Home, Yala, Kenya was the first project to be sponsored by Rianna’s Fund. After building work and preparations the home opened its doors in 2006 to 42 children. Many of the children were total orphans having lost both parents. The Home's parents are Patrick and Lillian Awayo, who care for the children along with staff. mamy of whom have been looking after the children since the home opened. Rianna’s Fund continues to support the home, providing monthly funds to care for the children’s daily needs and funding their school fees. Some of the children have reached an age and academic ability to go to college and university. The Home recently took in a new intake of children and we're delighted to hear they are settling in and enjoying their new family. 

Opening gifts from their UK family sponsors. See more images of Rianna's Fund supporting Rianna's Furaha Children's Home, Kenya