Rescue and Restore, Hyderabad, India

Children's home giving care to street children

Rianna's Fund helps to finance this home operated by Bhaskar Kamakodlamane, once a street child himself, giving care and education to vulnerable and underprivileged children.

Providing care and education to vulnerable young lives

Children's Home for up to 50 children - aged 5-18

Rescue and Restore is a home for street and impoverished children, located to the north of Hyderabad in India. It is home to 50 children - aged 5-18. The home's parents Bhaskar Kamakodlamane and his wife run the home. Bhaskar closely works with the local authorities identifying vulnerable children including abandoned and runaways who arrive by train from other parts of India. Bhaskar has a particular empathy with socially disadvantaged children as he was rescued from the street himself aged 14. Rianna’s Fund began funding monthly support to Rescue and Restore after visiting the home in 2008. Rianna's Fund continues to support the children's on-going needs funding running costs of the home, making a regular financial contribution that enables Bhaskar to continue providing good care and education for the children. 

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