Building primary schools for children in Africa

Malongo School 12 classrooms educating 540 children

Transformed Malongo School with boys & girls dormitories and teachers accommodation.


Partnering with schools to provide access to a good quality education

8 new classrooms transform previous wooden classrooms

Covenant school set up to serve the local community and to give children access to good primary education.


Partnering with children's homes giving access to care and education

Children's Homes providing vital care and education

Caring for children, providing a safe home and access to education.


Building Schools in remote and rural areas

Providing funding for 12 classrooms. 

Namaira has grown to 282 children and with continuing support from the community the school hopes to expand helping more children gain an education.


Rianna's Fund supporting rural communities.

Giving children the opportunity to learn and gain the education they deserve.


Give today…

Help change the lives of thousands of children across Africa and India by donating today.

Fundraising events